Lepanthes “Los Cedros”, a temporary name for a new species of miniature orchid we helped to discover on our trip. Photo by Ferdy Christant

This is the 14th episode of wildlife travel by Henriette and Ferdy. A trip designed to satisfy our hunger to keep exploring the biodiversity of the Andes region, which we last visited in 2018 (South Colombia / ):

In 2019, we guided our niece Ymke on her first wildlife tour…

A journey towards better color in photography

Mossy Stick Insect (Parobrimus sp.), Colombia, 2018 — by Ferdy Christant


Hi, fellow photographers.

I’m an amateur wildlife photographer from the Netherlands. And I have confidence issues about the color and color temperature in my photos. I’m a Nikon shooter photographing in RAW whilst using Adobe Lightroom as my preferred editor.

This particular workflow has brought about a pain that has…

Lion illustration

A giant little milestone 🐉

We did it! The JungleDragon community has now passed the 100,000 photos milestone. A perfect excuse to write this rare meta post to discuss the State of the Dragon, in three chapters:

  • Celebrating 100K
  • JungleDragon’s history
  • JungleDragon’s future

Celebrating 100K

Let’s give some meaning to the 100K photos milestone.

As a superficial…

Ferdy Christant

Web developer, wildlife photographer, founder of

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